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Traditional Stories - Festivals of Onam

  1. Cultural Journey: "Festivals of India: Onam" takes young readers on a captivating journey to explore the vibrant traditions of the Onam festival celebrated in Kerala, India.
  2. Festive Traditions: Learn about the significance of Onam, the elaborate flower arrangements called Pookalams, the breathtaking boat races known as Vallamkali, the traditional dances, and the grand feasts called Onasadya.
  3. Engaging Illustrations: This beautifully illustrated book brings the essence of Onam to life, captivating young readers with its vibrant visuals and lively depiction of the festival's customs and celebrations.
  4. Educational Content: "Festivals of India: Onam" educates, fostering cultural understanding and promoting appreciation for diverse festivals and traditions.
  5. Perfect Gift: Whether for a child curious about different cultures or families celebrating Onam, this book is a thoughtful gift that encourages exploration, curiosity, and a deeper understanding of India's cultural heritage.

Discover the significance of Onam and delve into its elaborate customs and traditions. Learn about the creation of intricate and beautiful flower arrangements known as Pookalams, which adorn homes and public spaces during the festival. Dive into the excitement of Vallamkali, the breathtaking boat races that captivate spectators. Immerse yourself in the joyous celebrations filled with traditional dances, cultural performances, and grand feasts called Onasadya.

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