Shopprekart is a subsidiary of Shoppre Global Private Limited.

Founded in 2017, Shoppre entered the e-commerce industry with its innovative solutions and revolutionized the global landscape. By eliminating all the hassles associated with international shopping and shipping, Shoppre became the topmost platform for all the global citizens looking forward to buying authentic Indian products. In its 5th successful year, Shoppre achieved another milestone by introducing Shopprekart to the market.

Shopprekart is a one-stop e-commerce store for fantastic brands with latest designs. From kurta sets, skirts to dresses and shirts, we have just about everything you need for your wardrobe. Our shipping services operate in more than 180 countries. Just name it and we are there at your doorstep at a really affordable price. 


Vision - Providing convenience to all the shoppers around the world.

Mission - We aim to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to our customers abroad, shopping from India.



  1. Ensuring that our customers face no issues when shopping and shipping from India.
  2. Providing top notch services to our customers and procuring 100% satisfaction from them.
  3. Upholding values of honesty, responsibility and fairness throughout our operations.
  4. Delivering products internationally at fair prices to our customers.
  5. Being available for solving customers' queries religiously.