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What is Shopprekart?

With an aim to provide an easy, hassle-free, and convenient way to shop from India Shopprekart, a subsidiary of Shoppre, has been launched. It is an online shopping portal for people outside India to shop in India. Among its many categories are casual shirts, Kurta sets, men's hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, nightsuits, apparel, accessories, etc. 

 As the popular Indian shopping sites do not offer international shipping, it is difficult for an average customer to shop from these portals. In many cases, a consumer seeks the help of a third-party parcel forwarding service that charges an excessive amount to ship the order.

Tackling all the international shopping and shipping-related problems, Shopprekart offers an effortless way to shop for Indian clothes from top Indian brands. A consumer doesn't have to wander site to site to find the perfect outfit; Shopprekart has the latest collection of fashionable clothes from the top Indian brands in one place.

What Are The Shipping Charges at Shopprekart?

The international shipping charges are usually calculated based on the weight of the package, the number of products, customs, the destination country, etc. It leads to a high shipping rate. But, with Shopprekart, you can save money by paying a flat $50 shipping rate on all orders at Shopprekart. Shop for as much as you want, from anywhere you want; you only pay the fixed shipping rates.

Shop Without Worries With Shopprekart

All the products at Shopprekart go through rigorous quality checks to ensure the best shopping experience. As a consumer, you can trust Shopprekart to bring only the best of the best products in India. Sometimes, the products you shop for never make it to your country as they fall under the restricted items list. At Shopprekart, the experts carefully handpick the items to ensure it passes security and doesn't fall under the prohibited items list for the specific country.

In attempts to reconnect with their roots, Indians living far from their motherland shop from Indian sites for various items like Snacks, Sarees, Kurta Sets, Men's Kurta Sets, Home Decor, etc. The number of orders from foreign countries rises exponentially during the festive season. It shows how deep is the love for Indian culture in the hearts of the Indian diaspora.

Indians take pride in the opulence of their culture and heritage. No matter how long the distance is, it can never keep an Indian away from celebrating and enjoying the Indian culture. Visit Shopprekart to shop for incredible things from India and cherish and celebrate the Indian in you wholly.